20 November 2013

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Similar Looking Stranger!

By: PoisoNouS RoSes On: 11:32 PM
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  • I've posted pictures regarding look-alike celebrities. In this post, I'll show you some pictures showing identical stranger. I just find it interesting finding out that unrelated people could look so much like each other. It's not weird if somewhere on this earth, you'll find someone (maybe more) people that look a lot like you!

    Different face shape, but overall almost the same.

    Similar face shape, eyes and smile.

    The fact that both of them are wearing glasses make them look even more identical.

    Their features are completely different, but when put together, overall, they looked quite alike.
    They share the same friendly look and warm smile.

    They share the same smile, brows and bright eyes.

    Personally, I think that they look so much alike!

    Same comment, their glasses make them look more like each other.

    They share many similar features, doe eyes, wide chine and face shape.

    The eyes are similar.

    The one on the right (facing screen), look quite feminine. But overall, they looked like each other.

    This one is very similar too!

    Their features are similar. Just like above, those frames make them look much more identical.

    They share the same stare and mouth shape.

    Similar smile, huh?

    Their eyes,nose and even mouth are similar. For males, this one looked the most similar to each other.

    They could pass as mother and daughter or as sisters.

    They share the same gaze. They could pass as sisters.

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