19 November 2013

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Cute Cats

By: PoisoNouS RoSes On: 9:24 PM
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  • I have a cat that looked like this once. Very cute and active. It's Turkish Angora Breed. Turkish Angora is said to be one of the ancient and natural breeds of cat. Originated in central Turkey, in Ankara region. Well, MOST of Turkish Angora cats' fur is very long and white because it is believed to be the origin of the mutation for both the coloration white. This breed is very active and intelligent. I have trained mine to play fetch as well! One of their most stunning feature is their eyes. It can be blue, green, amber, yellow or odd-eyed [one yellow, one blue; one yellow, one green - (just like my cat) etc.]


    Long, white fur.

    Odd-eyed. Stunning huh?

    Another odd-eyed sample.

    Medium-sized cat.

    It's seriously active and love to play.


    Too cute to handle.


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