07 June 2010

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Bloody Design

By: PoisoNouS RoSes On: 5:48 AM
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  • These stuff is surely cool. I would love to have my house with these stuff! It does not scares me as the bloody bun does. So, enjoy!

    Bloody bathmat and shower curtain

    Bloody bookmark

    Bloody Pillow
    Bloody Table
    Bloody Lamp
    Bloody Mug
    Bloody Carpet

    Woah.. I just loove it!


    1. I love the bloody pillow, simply brilliant. I like your name too! Cheers ;)

    2. nice pic!
      hate blood but love RED!

    3. thanks! I'll post more entry..
      Poison Kagero: I love your name too!
      cik panadol: same here.. I don't really like blood but these design are very-very good!
      Nina Nurziana: geletek la ads aku.. hehe!