23 November 2013

Celebrity Morph

By: PoisoNouS RoSes On: 8:47 PM
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  • I used to do celebrity morph here. It's fun to morph celebrities with quite similar features. You can upload your picture and morph it with celeb's face too!

    Ashlee and Jessica Simpson
    A beauty. More beautiful than both of them.

    Hillary Duff and Jessica Alba
    I notice that a lot of actress look even more gorgeous when morph together with Hillary Duff, maybe due to her gorgeous eye makeup in the picture uploaded.


    Hillary Duff and Christina Aguilera
    Here is one more sample. Nice look huh? Definitely soften Christina's look.

    Jessica Alba and Marilyn Monroe
    Their features're quite the same.


    Kristin Kreuk and Jessica Alba
    Kristin is also one of my favorite pick to be morph with. She's very pretty.

    Natalie Portman and Keira Knightley
    Proven, they're twin separated at birth.

    Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston.
    One of the most popular morph.

    Britney Spears and Avril Lavigne
    Seriously, their morph looked so good.

    Souce: More photos here.

    Celebs Now and Then

    By: PoisoNouS RoSes On: 8:33 PM
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  • Some of them aged... Can't believe how fast time flies.

    Britney Spears
    She's so gorgeous then. But still pretty.

    Alicia Silverstone
    She didn't change a bit! (Okay, she did. A little.)

    Christina Aguilera
    She changes quite a lot. After all those work done and going through motherhood.

    Cindy Crawford
    Careful, she might be a vampire.


    Jennifer Aniston
    Actually, I want to believe that she's all natural. But her nose significantly got thinner throughout the years.

    Olsen Twins
    They're a grown women.

    Pamela Anderson
    She's so pretty then.

    Source: More photos here.

    Plain Jane Without Makeup

    By: PoisoNouS RoSes On: 8:14 PM
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  • Have you ever seen these stars without makeup? I think some of them still look gorgeous while some of them still look pretty and decent.

    Anna Mccord

    Anne Hathaway

    Faith Hill

    Jennifer Lawrence

    Katie Holmes


    Kelly Brook

    Milla Jovovich

    Nicole Richie

    Source: More photos here.

    21 November 2013

    Celebrities and Their Old Version

    By: PoisoNouS RoSes On: 12:23 AM
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  • Let's look at some of the pictures.

    Miley Cyrus
    She looked much better before. Maybe she's just going through rebellious phase.

    Drew Barrymore.
    She's just so adorable! Gotten more mature now.

    Matthew Lewis.
    Handsome! Nice transformation.

    Aaron Carter.
    This heartthrob still looked handsome.


    She's changed. More elegant.

    Justin Bieber.
    No comment.

    Christina Aguilera.
    Her appearance might've change a lot, but she still got it!

    Keanu Reeves.
    I don't think he aged...

    More pictures here: Source

    Famous Celebrity Look-Alike

    By: PoisoNouS RoSes On: 12:12 AM
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  • Again, here I am posting about celebrity look-alike.

    Millard Fillmore - Alec Baldwin

    Zora Neale Hurston - Queen Latifah

    William Howard Taft - Kathy Bates

    George Washington - Micheal Douglas

    Woody Guthrie - Luke Perry


    A.A Milne - Peter Greene

    Andrew Johnson - Tommy Lee Jones

    Cary Grant - George Clooney

    Betty Shabazz - Serena Williams

    Anthony Quinn - Micheal McDonald

    Aaron Douglas - James Earl Jones

    William Lloyd Garrison - Larry David

    Priscilla Presley - Tiffani Thiessen

    Victoriano Huerta - Frank Langella

    David Ben-Gurion - John Leguizamo

    Branch Rickey - John Goodman (THEY SERIOUSLY LOOK-ALIKE!!!)

    Louis Brandeis - John Slattery

    Lee J. Cobb - Jason Segel

    Elliott Gould - Anthony Bourdain
    David Bowie - Tilda Swinton

    Source: More pictures Here