19 November 2013

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Evolutionary? Asian Women Before and After Make-Up Look

By: PoisoNouS RoSes On: 7:07 PM
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  • Magnificent. That's one word to describe women and their make-up skills. Honestly, I don't think that Asian women way better in make-up skills compared to other races (No racism intended, peace.). I just think that their feature, mainly their eyes change a lot after make up. Caucasian women got larger eyes, then there wouldn't be that much of a difference compared to Asian women. But, honestly, Asian women and their small eyes are attractive in their own way, depends on how they rock it. Well, back to the topic. Let's look at a few sample of 'The Power of Make Up'.

    She looks almost the same. She's been wearing contacts before make up anyway.

    Yeah, she could use some concealer.

    Her eyes seems much bigger.

    Even without make up, her skin is alright. I think, with correct angle, she can still work it without make up.

    She looks cute without make up. But, a little bit concealer for those black eye wouldn't hurt.

    Honestly, I don't think she needs make up. But it's obvious she's using contacts even before make up.

    This girl don't need make-up as well. But this girl is using contacts as well before make up.

    This girl looks nice without make up, but make up surely bright up her face.

    Such a small nose!

    She's also a natural beauty.

    This is unfair. No one looked good with duck face on.

    Make up bright up her dull face. Is it just me, or she looks like Jessica SNSD in the after photo?

    Huge eyes even before make up.

    This girl is a natural beauty too. But she surely need a bit of make up to brighten up her dull face.

    Her hair changes her face shape. No make up required.

    This girl look better with make up.


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