12 June 2010

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Fat Cats

By: PoisoNouS RoSes On: 8:24 AM
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  • I'd love my cat to be as fat as these cat below! They are just too cute!
    "No! Don't take my picture! I'm not ready yet!"
     "I wonder what would I get for dinner. Is it tuna, chicken or meat? I hope they don't get me those diet salad again. Uhh.."
    "I know, I'm cute and cuddly. Stop looking at me, I'm a shy little cat."

     "What'ca looking at? Never seen a curvy cat before?"
    "You know what they say, the fatter you get, so are your wallet! Is it?"
    "Uhh, this chair feel so comfy.."

    "Oh, its time for exercise!"


    " I'm not going to exercise. I'm still in a good shape. Yeah, I'm sexy!"
    "What? I need these for the winter!"

    "Hey! I'm not at my best angle yet! Delete those!"


    1. My cat Tommy got really angry ,when saw these pictures,he is an educated,athletic,hiperactive cat,actually he's not a cat,he's a sophisticat.